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Ingredients: Fiat 500 and Vespa from 70's, hills surrounding Siena, five suggested itineraries, enthusiasm and slow rhythms. Here is served an alternative experience in the sign of light-heartedness and fun. The chance to relive the extraordinary 70's with wind swept hair and your mind free in the pleasant company of two road icons. After 40 years and more, driving vintage Fiat 500 and Vespa still means feeling unique emotions.

Let yourselves be rocked by the suggestive turns of the landscape between fields of sunflowers, vineyards and medieval villages. And for your relief, there is nothing better than indulging in the pleasures of wine&dine with a glass of Nobile di Montepulciano and a portion of pici all'aglione or bathing in the thermal swimming pools of a modern spa.
For you people who do not please with banality, a nice welcome kit will make this adventure even more special: cotton t-shirt, shoulder bag and a pair of gloves for the perfect vintage driver. The dream of a leisurely time travel up and down the hills is finally available to everyone. In a word, Slowhills.

The Tuscan countryside offers countless opportunities. You bring in curiosity, SlowHills makes some suggestions. We give you the roadbook with the following tours:wining&dining, spa, landscape, restaurants, sports. The Fiat 500 and Vespa are also available for meetings, weddings and advertising shoots.

Our Fiat 500 and Vespa models are provided with:

- liability and accident insurance

- roadside assistance in case of mechanical failure,

- full tank of petrol (Fiat 500)/ oil blended gasoline (Vespa),

- helmets and goggles for the Vespa

- cd describing surrounding beauties;

- free kit containing: roadbook with our suggested routes, leather gloves, cotton bag and a unique Slowhills t-shirt.

You can park your car at our facility.

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Buongiorno amici!

Ecco una nuova e interessante iniziativa sul territorio della Valdichiana e della Val d'Orcia.
Slowhills®, società con sede a Cetona, noleggia Fiat 500 e Vespa d'epoca!
Un servizio alternativo e divertente per i tanti turisti che visitano il nostro territorio.

Slowhills dispone di due Fiat 500 - Betty e Charlie - e due Vespe - Mr Joe e Nanni.
Ogni vettura è originale anni '70 e rispetta i più rigorosi standard di sicurezza stradale.

Slowhills propone:
- Noleggio senza conducente per settimane, week-end o singole giornate
- Pacchetto speciale per matrimoni
- Consegna a domicilio entro 50km dalla nostra sede (solo per Fiat 500)
- Kit omaggio: roadbook di 5 percorsi consigliati, maglietta e borsa di tela Slowhills®, guanti in pelle da vero Slowdriver!

Sul nostro sito trovate la nostra storia, una galleria fotografica e molto altro

via 25 aprile 33 53040 Cetona (Siena) +393403541996

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