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The third edition of the FESTARCH Architecture Festival

will be held in Perugia from June 2nd through June 5th 2011.

FESTARCH is an international Architecture Festival born in Cagliari, Sardinia curated by Stefano Boeri together with Abitare and RCS Media Group.

The first two editions were a great success, with more than 40.000 visitors: for three days the cityplayed host to a global architecture event, with 58 meetings focused on the theme of landscape,featuring names such as Rem Koolhaas, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha, Edouard Glissant, JacquesHerzog, Massimiliano Fuksas, Enzo Mari and many other leading architects and designers from allover the world.

The key to FESTARCH’s success was the involvement of some of the most thought-provokingarchitects, designers and writers on the international scene.

The theme

The theme chosen for this year’s edition is:


Making cities in the age of urban dissipation

The anti-city is breaking down the foundations of society in Italy, in Europe as well as in manyother parts of the planet.The anti-city is should not be seen as in opposition to the cities where we live and which we have inherited after centuries of history of man’s development. On the contrary, it tends to erode it from within.

Without making grand gestures, it acts powerfully and quietly on the mechanisms whichtend to reproduce contemporary urban space, loosening up knots, and wearing down connectionsand in the end, compromising the overal function of the city.The anti-city is a post-modern form of lived space.

Why we are the anti-city, whether we like it or not.

Festarch will be held in Perugia and Assisi

Assisi and Perugia, two beautiful medieval Italian cities.Assisi is the centre of the Franciscan School – a generous and modern version of Catholic thought. Perugia, meanwhile, is a city that is emblematic of civic pride and of the idea of the modern city.Both are well known for their strong links between politics, architecture and art.

What will happen at Festarch

There will be four days of lectures, debates and meetings around questions linked to politics andarchitecture. The idea behind this festival is to relaunch this event in the historic heart of Italian urban society and to discuss the social importance of contemporary architecture.

As with the first two editions of the festival, this third edition has close links with the localcouncils, which are run by young politicians who are looking to govern in a new way.

The festival will offer a unique atmosphere in these two historical cities, which are symbols ofItaly itself. They will create a mix of finest Italian food and music, spectacular landscapes andinteresting meetings with other important figures from the architectural and cultural scene.




Perugia e Assisi si trasformeranno per quattro giorni, dal 2 al 5 giugno, nell’epicentro mondiale dell’architettura. L’occasione è l’arrivo del festival Festarch, la manifestazione ideata e curata da Stefano Boeri, presentata a Milano, che porterà in Umbria i più grandi nomi del settore per una serie di 150 incontri con architetti, designer, artisti e fotografi.

Sfilata di Archistar I premi Pritzker Rem Koolhaas e Kazuyo Sejima (quest’ultima sarà protagonista della Lectio magistralis che darà il via alla rassegna), designer come Jasper Morrison, Enzo Mari e Alessandro Mendini, artisti come Maurizio Cattelan, fotografi come Francesco Jodice e Vincenzo Castella animeranno la terza edizione del festival nato a Cagliari nel 2007. Tema della quattro giorni sarà l’Anticittà, la «forma postmoderna dello spazio abitato» che «sta sgretolando la nostra società», spiega Boeri che ha in programma un incontro sull’argomento. «L’Anticittà non è “altro” dalla città che conosciamo e abitiamo – continua l’architetto -. Non è una sua forma cancerogena, ma un fiume carsico che raccoglie in rivoli le energie vitali della vita quotidiana e le spinge verso l’individualismo e la frammentazione».

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