Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The colors of Giotto, up to the 26th of September 2010 - Assisi

The Colors of Giotto - The Basilica of Assisi, between virtual restoration and restitution. This is an innovative exhibition, an art project of great stature, where the visitor is actively involved in restoration work and is enabled to know the works of Giotto, both physically and virtually.
In the Saint Nicola Chapel in the Lower Basilica are ongoing restoration works on the Franciscans frescoes of Giotto.
During these months visitors are given the chance to stand on scaffolding to admire the restoration works, so to know actively and timely the peculiarity of this art and the painstaking work of the restorers.
The Chapel of Saint Nicholas is presented and therefore designed as a "work in progress", an example of recovery "physical" work of art...
In perfect match to this instead, in the Palace of Monte Frumentario (not far from the Basilica), is a recovery "virtual" work of art.
Franciscan stories that are reconsidered and returned to the public through high definition technology.
The virtual frescoes can be compared with their current appearance, through a series of screens, touch screen placed at each group stage.
On the occasion of eighth centenary of Pope Innocent III, the exhibition proposes to scale the fresco dedicated to the Confirmation of the Rule of Saint Francis, just by Pope Innocent III.
Also a section for setting up and can get virtually in the fresco, where the 3D scene comes alive with the voices of the characters.
A wonderful progect designed and coordinated by the CNR, by Eva Pietroni and Francesco Antinucci.
Colors of Giotto is an initiative promoted by the city of Assisi with the collaboration of the Sacred Convent, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture through Regional Directorate, the Superintendence of Umbria competent Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration, the Umbria Region and the National Research Council, with support from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia and organizational coordination of Civita. The catalog is published by Silvana Editoriale.

For information:
Basilica di San Francesco e Palazzo del Monte Frumentario

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