Monday, 30 August 2010


If you like photography and nature, don't miss it....

Vintage railcars

There are common days during which one can travel on vintage railcars and board or leave the train several times at several stations, using the same ticket even on the regular trains of the Siena railway.
It is the best train for those who wish to visit many places, combining travel and other activities like hiking, biking, museum visits, or food and wine tasting at local farms.

Booking: recommended.
Tickets are purchased on board the Nature Train.
Itinerary: Siena-Asciano-Monte Antico-Siena.
Departures: three departures from Siena at 8:30 a.m., 11:12 a.m. and 3:35 p.m.
Fare: € 18.00.
The return fare on the Asciano-Monte Antico stretch is € 13.00.
Children up to 10 years of age travel free.


"Il Nucleo" no-profit organisation Social Cooperative in collaboration with Val d’Orcia Railways
t. +39 0577 207413
f. +39 0577 207443
Cell. 338 8992577

Tourist Information Office
Railway Station
t. +39 0577 270600

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Aphrodisiac Festival - Città della Pive - 9/12 of September 2010

Città della Pieve – It is an invitation into the sensual world of tastes, scents, words, sounds and sights brought about by aphrodisiacs. “Aphrodisiac" is the first Festival of this type in Italy.
This Festival has been created by the “Fabbrica delle Idee” Association and promoted with the sponsorship of the City of Citta’ della Pieve and the collaboration of the Sedicieventi Agency. Besides the fun and entertainment, such as tasting events, theme dinners organized by qualified chefs and multiethnic dinners accompanied by shows: the Festival will also offer cultural activities stimulating the knowledge of aphrodisiacs, such as creative workshops where people can learn about and experiment the extraordinary properties of these foods, figurative art exhibitions on the theme, film showings, theatre and dance shows, concerts and reading from literary works. There will also be seminars and debates and workshops where participants can learn the secrets of particular recipes thanks to courses in aphrodisiac cuisine held by culinary arts experts. Some of the most picturesque sites of this township in Umbria will host readings and conversations on the theme of aphrodisiacs and sexuality during this four-day festival.

Citta’ della Pieve is an ideal location for this Festival due to its traditions tied to the production of saffron but there are also other territories in Italy and abroad which will participate in the Festival as protagonists thanks to their “exciting” typical products. All with the objective of rendering “Aphrodisiac” an international reference point for all those interested in this topic.

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Monday, 23 August 2010

14° LIVE ROCK FESTIVAL - 8/9 -12/9 - Acquaviva, Montepulciano

- 8/9 -12/9 - Acquaviva, Montepulciano

The Live Rock Festival, organised by the youth, for the youth, presents five nights of music with over one hundred artists from all over the world. Ou- mou Sangare, Ebony Bones!, Speed Caravan, Asian Dub Foundation and a hundred other artists over five eclectic and sparkling nights featuring rock, electronic music, reggae, world music, blues and jazz, with a focus on care for the environment and great food and drink in the best Tuscan tradition.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Honey fest in Montalcino - from 10th to 12nd of September)

Montalcino’s Fortezza hosts stands with honey producers from all over Italy.

This is one of Italy’s most important honey fairs. The trade fair is accompanied by a convention and an awards ceremony to recognize the year’s best producers. The fear also includes market-exhibit of bee-hive products, make-up made from them and bee hive equipment.

It is not an everyday experience: An extraordinary and very original dinner entirely based on honey, from the antipasto to the dessert. There is a large market where every honey product imaginable can be found.

Montalcino is a small hill town in Tuscany with a population of about 5,115 inhabitants. The town is located to the west of Pienza, close to Crete Senesi. It is 42 km from Siena, 110 Km from Florence and 150 km from Pisa.

It is famous for its Brunello di Montalcino wine.

Saturday, 21 August 2010




One of the most important event of summer in Umbria, the Todi Arte Festival, back from 29 August to 5 September 2010.
This edition will feature drama, music and dance as well as exhibitions and concerts-drink with wine tasting and local products.
Are involved in the event international and national artists who will perform in shows worth seeing. We remember the cabaret show "S'è fatta notte..." with the best Italian actors!
Piazza del Popolo, the Teatro del Nido dell'Aquila, the Complesso delle Lucrezie are spaces ad hoc spaces for concerts of classical and popular music, for interesting scenic readings or readings taken from poems, told through the voices of famous actors.
The detailed schedule is still being finalized and will soon be on the official website of the event.

ROSSO, BIANCO & BLUES - from August 28th to October 30th 2010

During Autumn season, from August 28th to October 30th, ten events called Bianco Rosso & Blues takes place, crossing the paths of winemaking and the blues. All ten events have great appeal having at the centre stage not only the notes and the protagonist of Soul, Blues, Jazz and Folk music, but also the aromas and the flavours of the very particular wine and the gastronomic specialities of Trasimeno lake and Umbria region. The events follow an itinerary through the most beautiful spots of the lake and Perugia territory, including museums, theatres and historical palazzos, with the presence of some of the best wine producers of the area, and have as a common thread the connection between good music and good food. The festival highlights the convivial aspect of musical events through a different pairing of food and wine at every date, focusing on local wines and foods. The protagonist of these events are the places, the artist and the wines. Thanks to the partnership between Trasimeno Blues and La Strada del Vino dei Colli del Trasimeno its possible this marriage of music and food that is sustained by local recipes and local products, from lake fish to legumes, extra virgin olive oil and cold meats. The fashionable Palazzos della Corgna in Città della Pieve and Castiglione del Lago, the suggestive atmosphere of the “Pieve del Vescovo” Castle in Corciano or the Lambardi Tower in Magione, the amazing small squares of Paciano, Panicale and Tuoro, the historical sites of The Glass Museum in Piegaro and the Medieval Rock in Passignano or Palazzo Malizia in Torgiano, are the scenarios for the great sound of Italian and international artists like Fabrizio Poggi & Chicken Mambo, Raphael Gualazzi Band, Herbie Goins & Davide Pannozzo, Tia Architto Trio, Francesco Piu Trio, Veronica & The Red Wine Serenaders, Elisabeth Cutler, Awa Li, Dago Red, Kozmic Blues, The Black Sheep Duo. Bianco Rosso & Blues festival is a unique chance to enjoy the romantic atmosphere that Trasimeno Lake offers during the Autumn season with its sunsets, aromas and beautiful colours: the ideal spot for the Soul music.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Palio dei terzieri, Città della Pieve, Wednesday, 11. August 2010 - Sunday, 22. August 2010

It is a race between three carts representing the Terzieri of which they report the respective symbols.
The circuit of the race is 800 meters long. The departure takes place near the "Porta Nuova" and the race develops itself along the antique walls up to the "Piazza del Comune" (city hall square), the heart of the city. There, the “Mora”, a bust in wood representing the Saracen is waiting that the "bàlio" (man or woman from the people to whom is committed the conclusive gesture of the race) pulls away the key from his right hand to open the door of the tower and give the bell knock, symbolic sign of the conquest of the city.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What’s on in Paciano by the 6th to the 15th of August

Friday 6
21,30 FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE “Goretz” – piazza Santa Maria
organized by Amministrazione Comunale e Pro Loco

Saturday 7
9.00 A chance to paint!! And win prizes!
organised by Pro-Loco
For children from 6 to 15 years –
registration: 075.830430

Saturday 7
21.00 ‘It’s a knock out’ ‘Jeux sans Frontieres’
A competition involving crazy games between teams from Paciano
organized by Centro Sociale Anziani
23,30 Prize Draw

Sunday 8
Dinner and dancing in the piazza Santa Maria
Organized by Pro-Loco
19.30 Dinner - at area la Valle -
booking 339 6701232
21,30 Mirko and his piano accordian

Monday 9
21.00 ‘Not Renato, not him but a part of him…’- Mr. Amiel Show - A tribute to the legendary Renato Zero - Organized by: Pro-Loco

Tuesday 10
21.00 An evening’s walk to the top of Monte Pausillo to watch the falling stars…
Organized by Pro-Loco
Meeting point: p.zza della Repubblica

Wednesday 11
The five-a-side football tournament between the five sections of the village
Organized by Congrega Gioventù Muscolosa
21.00 First semi final
22.15 Second semi final

Thursday 12
21.00 ‘Dancing underneath the stars’
Organized by Pro-Loco
A Dance spectacle and competition for amateurs

Friday 13
20.30 The mass for Saint Bonosa
organized by the parish - Piazza Santa Maria

Friday 13 - 21.30 The final of the five-a-side football tournament between the five sections of the village
Organized by Congrega Gioventù Muscolosa

Saturday 14
19.30 Dinner for the Parish
At Area la valle - booking 075 830320

Saturday 14
21.00 A spectacular downhill race on home-made Carts - organized by Congrega Gioventù Muscolosa

Sunday 15
Festa Assunta
Organized by Parish
10.00 Blessing of cars and motorbikes at Piazza Santa Maria
11.00 Mass & Procession

Sunday 15
16.00 A junior downhill race on home-made carts - organized by Congrega Gioventù Muscolosa
Sunday 15
19.30 Pizza and other local delicacies as an appetizer for ‘La corrida’

Sunday 15
21.00 “LA CORRIDA” Pacianesi allo Sbaraglio!
organized by Pro-Loco
Whether you can sing, dance, are a comic or simply
a ‘phenomenon’, this is the event for you! Come and
join in!

Monday 16
18.00 Festa di San Rocco
organized by the Parish
Mass for Saint Sebastian e Saint Rocco


Saturday 11
21.00 the company “Il Futuro e la Memoria”
in”Il piacere ha fatto il suo Dovere”
A brilliant comedy loosely based on a text by P.G. Bertoli in the Theatre in Piazza della Repubblica

Sunday 12
12.00 “Mille & Una Umbria”
organized by Ammistrazione Comunale & Pro-Loco
‘Safari supper’ style lunch: each course is served in a different part of the village; the lunch is based around typical local food
15.00 Entertainment for children & music in the Piazza della Repubblica

Sunday 12
18.00 At theatre: “Il piacere ha fatto il suo Dovere”
– Piazza della Repubblica -
organized by “Il Futuro e la Memoria”