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Primi d'Italia First Course Festival in Foligno From 23/9/2010 To 26/9/2010

“I Primi d’Italia” involves Foligno its monuments, squares, illustrious buildings and historical locations of the city centre in a four days appetizing event, highlighting the world of the first courses and their many condiments.

Pasta, rice, soups, gnocchi and mush as well as the food farming products necessary for the creation of an excellent first course are the protagonists of this cooking marathon.

The festival will bring together taste and knowledge through the participation of internationally renowned chefs, food and wine critics, and the producers of prestigious, top quality brands, making the festival especially attractive for new consumers, people who are keen on good food, quality and taste and who want to make these concepts into a philosophy of life.
The festival will introduce this large and growing market segment to new approaches to healthy nutrition through the presentation of typical, healthy, innovative and organic products all-worthy of a place of honour in everyday cooking.

The festival, organized by the company Epta-Confcommercio Perugia, proposes a rich calendar of activities and events divided in four main areas: locations for tasting called “Villaggi del Gusto” (suggestive medieval taverns in the city centre easily reachable through a pedestrian path); market exhibitions which will take place within historical buildings and will give the opportunity to the visitors to discover their beauty (Pasta’s Boutique, Exhibitions and Markets); the educational area (Cooking courses and paths, conferences and seminars, Primi d’Italia Junior); shows and entertainment (Food Art, Food Fashion, Cinema and First Courses).

Info: 0755005577 - E-mail

I Primi d'Italia
A partire dal 23/9/2010 fino al 26/9/2010

Foligno (Pg). Il Festival Nazionale dei Primi Piatti torna a Foligno, dal 23 al 26 settembre; sono numerosissimi gli appassionati che giungono da tutta Italia per assaggiare le prelibatezze che vengono preparate in questi giorni. In questa occasione si danno appuntamento le stelle dell'alta cucina e i grandi nomi dell'industria agroalimentare.

La manifestazione è organizzata dalla società Epta-Confcommercio e per quattro giorni Foligno è la capitale italiana del gusto e della cultura alimentare e gastronomica. Per Informazioni Tel. 0755005577 - E-mail

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