Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Aphrodisiac Festival - Città della Pive - 9/12 of September 2010

Città della Pieve – It is an invitation into the sensual world of tastes, scents, words, sounds and sights brought about by aphrodisiacs. “Aphrodisiac" is the first Festival of this type in Italy.
This Festival has been created by the “Fabbrica delle Idee” Association and promoted with the sponsorship of the City of Citta’ della Pieve and the collaboration of the Sedicieventi Agency. Besides the fun and entertainment, such as tasting events, theme dinners organized by qualified chefs and multiethnic dinners accompanied by shows: the Festival will also offer cultural activities stimulating the knowledge of aphrodisiacs, such as creative workshops where people can learn about and experiment the extraordinary properties of these foods, figurative art exhibitions on the theme, film showings, theatre and dance shows, concerts and reading from literary works. There will also be seminars and debates and workshops where participants can learn the secrets of particular recipes thanks to courses in aphrodisiac cuisine held by culinary arts experts. Some of the most picturesque sites of this township in Umbria will host readings and conversations on the theme of aphrodisiacs and sexuality during this four-day festival.

Citta’ della Pieve is an ideal location for this Festival due to its traditions tied to the production of saffron but there are also other territories in Italy and abroad which will participate in the Festival as protagonists thanks to their “exciting” typical products. All with the objective of rendering “Aphrodisiac” an international reference point for all those interested in this topic.

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