Friday, 26 September 2008


Eurochocolate will be Play Chocolate to celebrate game, joy and music, another sweet challenge to free our breeziest part and let our imagination find in the taste of the chocolate, the ludic dimension that belongs to everyone.

Chocolate makes us be back children and Eurochocolate is a great festivity, where everybody comes to know the God’s Food, to taste it in its innumerable, traditional or unusual varieties, to be involved and wrapped in a lively atmosphere that we can live in the historical city center.

The edition 2008 of the most famous chocolate exhibition, therefore, for its fifteen years of life is shown still more amusing and joyful than ever, with new playful and greedy products that will be presented on this occasion by Costruttori di Dolcezze, the new brand by Eurochocolate.

Many initiatives will animate Perugia from the 18th to 26th October and the innovations, still top secret, will be numerous. The irrenounceable appointments, like chocolate courses for children and adults, the international area of Eurochocolate World, dedicated to the cocoa Producers and the not to be missed Chocolate Show, animated by an endless variety of products made of cacao and chocolate will not lack!

Eurochocolate, for the fourth consecutive year, will be preceded, the 12th October, by the Chocoday, the day dedicated to the celebration of pure Chocolate for the defense and the promotion of high quality of the product, in the respect of the criteria of fairness and tenability of the productive row, created and promoted by Eurochocolate with the involvement of many subjects that operate in the world of chocolate.

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